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Question 1. Is the internal damp I'm experiencing related to my external brickwork?

Answer: The most common cause of internal damp is missing pointing to the external brickwork.

Question 2. Why is there damp inside my property when the brickwork is an external issue?

Answer: Old properties have no brick cavities meaning the pointing is very important to stop water penetrating into the internal walls. If the bricks pointing is missing you will eventually get water penetration due to the open brick joints.

Question 3. Can I use cement and sand mix mortar for Victorian and older properties?

Answer: No cement pointing should not be used it contributes to internal damp problems and bricks fracturing this is due to the cement mix mortar being too hard compared to the surrounding bricks.

Question 4. Why should you use lime mortar?

Answer: Lime mortar is softer and more forgiving the cement/sand mix mortar preventing bricks fracturing in cold/wet weather and importantly it allows the moisture to escape from the bricks when they become wet.

Question 5. Can I get matching bricks for my property even though it's over a hundred years old?

Answer: Yes, we have been successfully matching bricks for nearly thirty years.

Question 6. Can we just lime repoint small areas?

Answer: Yes, it's often requested but often many areas of an elevation will have been repointed over the decades in various different mortar mixes and it is impossible to get a unison look.

Often it's best to lime repoint an entire elevation for the best results plus it seals the bricks from external rain.

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